Custom Design

A professional plan is integral to creating a timeless outdoor landscape for your Martha's Vineyard location. A quality landscape design will 1) protect your investment by choosing the right plant for the right place, 2) create functional outdoor spaces, and 3) accentuate the architectural attributes of the residence.

Step 1. Consultation, Site Analysis & Photography
Successful, cost efficient, and elegant landscapes begin with a meeting between client and designer. From there, we can determine how you will use these outdoor spaces and we can get a feeling for your tastes, your likes, and dislikes. As designer, we are creating outdoor spaces for you, not for us. It will be you and your family that are using the space and a successful landscape design will provide seamless elements that address the needs of your family.

Step 2. Research & Development
A base plan is drawn and design ideas are developed based upon the client input from the initial meeting. A preliminary presentation may take place at this time to further flesh out opportunities.

Step 3. Master Plan/Garden Plan Design
A detailed plan is developed covering specific plant materials and all hardscapes.