Capabilities & Credentials

Started by President/Owner Fred Fournier thirty years ago, Landscope, Inc. Martha's Vineyard, has the ability and the skilled employees to implement every facet of your landscaping and garden design project. Fred’s background in horticulture, design, and construction has provided the foundation on which Landscope has grown. Fifteen years later, Vice President/Owner Josh Kochin brought his background in Landscape Architecture and construction to the team. Together, Fred and Josh are involved in each project and have assembled a team capable of handling every aspect of landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

At Landscope, we understand when undertaking a project it is important to build a good team. Through teamwork, Landscope, Inc. has built a great reputation and many successful relationships with on-Island and off-Island Landscape Architects, suppliers, contractors, architects, and clients. Our references will only reiterate this point. We realize that not every step is smooth and challenges are a part of every project. However, through strong communication and a willingness to work as a team these challenges can only be overcome. Our expertise will bring your Martha's Vineyard landscaping and design project to completion with excellence.